On the 25th of April in federal polytechnic oko a woman was accused of using human dead bodies water (water used in washing dead bodies) to cook for students at federal polytechnic oko by the name "Nwayi Nanka"

It was confirmed by some students that she was confessing and also she was taking away by the police for further investigation after that she also confessed that she also use's her mensuration for cooking so since then student's have been living in fear not to eat outside.

But news reaching us yesterday was that it was a rumor a fak news, she was blast famed by her fellow cooks who cook in the same row with her because it was said that her Meat and Her food was big and she always have customers Patronising her more than her fellow cook.

She was present at her shop yesterday surprised because the way people were looking at her was surprising so she was crying bitterly but her fellow cooks non of them tried to console her,it was just few friends and some lectures and students who letter found out it was a fake news that consoled her and also bought her food.