Ever thought of how to make money with google play store

Ever thought of how to make money with google play store

If you're not making money online honestly you're missing something. google is giant of internet, Google is really helping the world not only in the country of origin.googoe has contributed a lot to well being of the world, but the majority of the world also makes use of Google in our day to day activities.

Making money online should be something everyone should engage in regardless of your work or study. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook makes money per second why can't you be making money online regardless of the amount.

Play store is the number one mobile app store in the world hosting over 1billion mobile apps.
As a developer do you know you can earn money with Google AdMob or by publishing premium apps get paid at the end of the month.

Have you ever thought why developers develop an app for Google why they sell their app on Google play store instead of other stores? Well, the truth is developers are earning massively with their Google play store publisher account, some of these developers don't even have a shop but they get paid at the end of every month. 

If you don't have Google play console account go purchase, it's only $25 for a lifetime. Install Android studio on your PC and start developing mobile applications paid or free, after development publish your app on Google play store you can as well integrated your app with adverts.
Admob is owned by Google register get ads unit to integrate it on your mobile app after approval verify your account and start making endless money.

Google play console account comes with analytics and statistics you can as well publish paid or a free app you can as well see your earnings in your dashboard. 

You can easily create an app with your pc, firebase, Aide and online app creator sites. Firebase and the android studio is free but requires coding knowledge. You might as well learn java or another programming language.
If you choose to go with an online Mobile app creator site be ready to spend.
At the end of the month, you are certain you will get paid why not sign up Google play account and start and start publishing your app.

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