Guide lines on how to become a developer

Guide lines on how to become a developer

Are you aspiring programmer but don't know which programming language to start with. The truth is every developer had gone through this route, I was once in same situation.actually people will tell you this language is better, study this language and that.

The truth is every language is good depending on what field you want to specialise. Consider what you want and what you have passion for, even when it gets tough along the line.

If you're considering web development then these languages made up web development from back end to front end. Html isn't a programming language but it's widely used in web development. HTML is a makeup hypertext made of tags, paragraph, body, head etc. 
Html and CSS are very important for web development you can't omit this two if you really want to be a good developer.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language you can do lots of things with JavaScript. JavaScript can also be used to develop game and other web applications but best for interactive, validation, client side, scripting and other amazing features.

PHP is one of best web server scripting language and also used for web application.wordpress was built on PHP and still world most used web platform. PHP is a scripting language used to develop dynamic websites.
If you want to become a web developer you must learn PHP.

There are other programming languages that can be used to develop website. A developer is likely to learn,  if one wants to be an expert in web development learn Ajax, SQL, Python, bootstrap.

Aspiring to become a software developer you are likely to learn these languages python, c/c++, java, c#.
Python is one of the most used programming languages. Python is used in all programming field be it software or web development python is one of the programming languages every successful developer should learn.

C/c++ is for system development and CPU you can do lots of things with these two languages. 
You can create system application with c, system software and make hardware work with software with these two languages. C++ was gotten from c, one can say c++ is advanced c.

Want to become a game developer c# is for you and unity. Unity is a site that teaches game can use c# to create kinds of games for different operating systems though java dominates Android.

Java is one of world's best language you can develop kinds of applications and software with java. Android was developed with java and android applications too. If you want to learn networking java and python is your best bet.
You may still be confused to pick up a language and start learning it.
Are your best bet learning any of these languages you won't have any regrets? 
Any Language you choose to start with is fine, what matters is where you're heading to.
Python & ruby made up lots of features networking, web applications and also scripting.
You can't call your self a hacker if you don't know one of the two languages.

PHP & JavaScript is a scripting language and client-side language. you can't do without these two as a web developer you must learn PHP and JavaScript. One for front end and other for back end.
Java, c# c/c++ anything any software, a developer must know one of these languages either for game making, creating os, creating CPU, android application and system application and networking.

Html & CSS is a makeup language. You're lucky to learn these two languages If one wants to create beautiful website or web application.

To become a developer you must be determined you must have passion for coding, you must always practice code and must be ready to exploit beyond expectations.

Don't just learn code go for what suits you, what you have passion for and what will bring money for you. Be perfect in any language you may choose to learn, make out time to always practice your code and don't ever think of giving up when it gets tough.

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