Hauwei hongmeng OS Vs android OS

Hauwei is one of the giant phone makers in the world only Samsung is better than them. Hauwei is known for their talent innovation and also have written their name on android's book as one of biggest android smartphone phone manufacturer.

Last month hauwei was sanctioned a ban from USA companies they are doing business with. It includes Facebook,Google,Twitter, Microsoft, Qualcomm after some weeks some technology companies stopped doing business with hauwei.

USA ban prompt hauwei to look for another alternative to power their phone. After a month of USA ban hauwei announced their new OS hongmeng for Chinese version and oak for global version. It's rumoured that oppo and hauwei was testing the new hauwei  hongmeng OS.
Some bloggers claimed hauwei hongmeng is 60% faster than android.

People believe hauwei new OS could give android competition. Well for now android is the best OS for smart phone and if hauwei becomes rival well I'd like to get my hands on hauwei's hongmeng.

some sites  claim hongmeng was built on Android and will be able to run android apps. The truth is we don't know much a about hauwei hongmeng till it's being released and don't know how powerful it's till I buy one and use one. 
App gallery Vs playstore 
Google play store has been around for years now and currently the largest mobile app store. App gallery is the new hauwei store  still under development has few apps in store and few developers for now. Play store hosts over 1billion Mobile application and thousands of developers.
Google has admon for mobile monetisation that helps developers to earn some money through their app. Playstore has this feature that helps developers to publish apps as paid application, the interface of Google console is overwhelming.
Hongmeng security Vs android security
Google has tons of developers and when it comes to security android has improved. For now we don't know what hongmeng is capable, one thing is certain Google can not be hacked USA law don't play with  privacy either.

It will be hard for hauwei hongmeng to make it globally because many people are not ready to ditch their Facebook , WhatsApp,Twitter,Gmail, YouTube for hongmeng. The ban sanctioned by USA is going to affect them if they wishe to thrive globally.

We have seen in the past likes of Microsoft , blackberry and symbian  OS failed , as for now people believe hauwei hongmeng can give competition to Google's Android OS.
A reminder that is working on a new operating system fuchsia since 2016 to replace android.

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