How to edit song on android and ios

How to edit song on android and ios

Many times you may wish to edit a song on your phone maybe to change genre, name, title and you couldn't think this feature can only be achieved on a computer.
Do you know you can edit any song on your phone exactly the same way it's edited on pc in a few minutes?

Honestly, if you want to enjoy music on your Android device you might need to edit your songs to suit your desire.you can add lyrics, comments, tags, genre, track no, year, artist, image, bytes and lots more.

Automa tag is number one music editing MP3 tag for Android. If you don't have this app guess what you're missing so much, even bloggers can't do without this app.

Automa tag features 

Genre editing 
Tag editing 
Artist editing 
Cover image 
Track no
Track count 
Disc number
Disc total
Audio fingerprint

Automa tag can automatically batch your songs or manually modify your song. You can add a cover photo, album photo, track photo, add lyrics, set fingerprint to edit your song the way you want it.
Automa tag has a free and paid version but not much of difference.

If you don't have pc auto tag is your best alternative make sure you download from Google play store otherwise it won't work and don't bother downloading crack version, the only difference between premium version and the free version is a batch mode that automatically edits the song.

Every DJ, music mixer or blogger needs this app Android user needs it too. One can easily add lyrics and edit song to her choice in a few seconds, you can also add an image of your choice, cover image, web link and can do amazing things with auto tag.

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