Huawei could ditch hongmeng OS for sailfish OS

Huawei could ditch hongmeng OS for sailfish OS

Sailfish OS has been around for years but not well known or popular like Android OS and Apple OS.
Sailfish OS is based on Linux kernel that makes it mobile compatibility and Huawei are looking to use sailfish OS on their phone instead of their own OS hongmeng

Huawei had a discussion with sailfish developers in Russia as hauwei begins to test sailfish OS on their phone.
Huawei said hongmeng can't power their flagship phones, for now, sailfish could be used instead of hongmeng.

After the USA ban on Huawei, Huawei is in search of a new operating system to power their devices.
Huawei hongmeng has been in development since 2012 hauwei believes their os could give a challenge to Android OS.

Huawei believes sailfish OS would be better than hongmeng since sailfish has been around for years and have gained the name, again it's open source operating system like android.

Sailfish focuses on security, privacy and developers are working to make sailfish compatible with Android applications. Hence Aptoide could replace play store and app gallery for Huawei store. 
Huawei urges application developers to start making an application for app gallery.

Some Sony phones are running on sailfish OS if you want to see how sailfish OS looks like buy Sony phones or planet computer and experiment for your self. 

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