When will Nigeria launch 5g network

When will Nigeria launch 5g network

Everyone is asking this question when will Nigeria launch their own 5g network.
5g network was first launched in 2018 by phone giant Huawei.
5g came with some amazing features like artificial intelligence, self-driving car and faster internet.
Most of world's countries have already upgraded to 5G while some countries are still embracing 5G network.

Africa countries are yet to pertake in 5g technology I wouldn't be surprised if 5g is not launched in Nigeria in the near five years.
Nigeria is giant of Africa and one of top Africa technology country.is likely going to be among the top 3 countries to first launch 5g network in Africa.

We have seen in recent 5g test achieving 10gbs per second now the question is why would Nigeria telecom launch 5gb network when they have refused to increase data for consumers.
Right now 5g is the fastest internet cellular network in the world 100 times faster than the 4g network and some places in Nigeria doesn't have 4g network and 40% of Nigerians are not even using 4g enabled devices.

5g network would cost not less than 4trillion naira to acquire. right now we don't have unlimited data plan, we are paying a lot for internet data, not everyone can afford 5g enabled phone. Nnc should first make data affordable or introduce unlimited WiFi or better data plans than what we currently have if Nigeria telecom providers were to embrace the 5g telecom there should be massive increase in data allocation and decrease in the price.

Does Nigeria need 5g network?
Any country would be triggered to launching 5g network. We asked some citizens this question majority answers was increase in data allocation and upgrade in 4g network. One citizen said 
" I wouldn't mind if 4g stays for more 10 years as long telecom providers increased data allocation or introduce WiFi or unlimited browsing tarrif."

It seems what the citizens are really after is increase in data allocation and WiFi. No one is bothered about 5g network for now our concern is an upgrade in 4g  and increases on data bundle.

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